Steel & Oak


This waterside home is designed for a structural engineer using structural framing to exceed the code requirements for wind- and water-resistance. A concrete plinth protects against dynamic waves in this exposed location and a steel frame resists lateral forces. The plan uses an efficient width for wood joist and rafter spans at the upper floors. Exterior porches have steel screens for added strength against uplift. The windows have impact-resistant glazing and frames.


The interior spaces are focused on the unparalleled view of the gulf. Large, shaded porches at the living level and a projecting deck at the master bedroom invite the occupants outside to enjoy cool breezes, winter sunshine, and year-round sunsets. A wood-lined interior stair separates public and private zones of the house and opens views to the 300 year-old live oak tree on the site. A plunge pool at the front of the house connects the site and the water beyond.


Project Team:
Infinity Engineering: Structural, Civil Engineering
Contractor: Robert Wolfe