Seminary Landing


This project is a masterclass on transforming a pre-engineered metal building and giant parking area into a pocket neighborhood with 18 units and shared common amenities. The existing 4,800 SF building is converted into (4) 2-bedroom units. These are accessible units, with fire sprinklers. We explored several color/pattern options for the building in bright, coastal hues to change the building into a more residential scale.

Two units are placed in front of the existing building as a screen. All units are two bed + two bath units, each about 1,000 SF. They are linked in 2-unit and 3-unit clusters to fit the neighborhood character, preserving sidewalks and common areas between them.

A large drainage ditch posed several questions for the site planning. A hydraulic analysis was completed, as required by FEMA and the city, to ensure that development adjacent to the site would not cause changes to the floodplain. The ditch will be widened to create more stormwater capacity and a wooden bridge will span the low area to connect residents to a pavilion and play area.