Luxe on Main


Modern, coastal design uses large windows for natural light, a Scandinavian palette of natural textures and white walls, and simple, geometric forms that express their construction methods. Luxe on Main incorporates these elements into a pair of duplexes for use as vacation rentals, each L-shaped dwelling  available as a two-bedroom/two-bathroom unit, with a bunkroom space that can be dedicated to either unit.

The interior forms are shaped by gabled roofs with wood-clad ceilings, wood and tile floors, and light-washed walls. Multi-paned sliding doors connect interior and exterior spaces, with deep-roofed overhangs for shelter during hot and humid seasons. This site, on the main street of downtown, encourages activity along a continuum from the street to the backyard.

Interiors: JL Studio
Mural Art: Nikki Main