hancock county shelters


Ancient protection strategies are employed in the design of new evacuation shelters to serve the residents of coastal areas. Directing wind over and around the structures is accomplished by means of earthen berms and rounded geometries; cast-in-place concrete walls support a curving roof with no edges to catch the wind.

Self-sufficiency features include a generator, and uninterrupted water supply and sewage while ground-source heat pumps offer an exceptional level of energy efficiency and no exposed equipment. Potable water is provided through a well and generator-backed pump or through a water storage tank with adequate supplies for three days. Septic chambers and leach fields handle fluctuations in usage at the time of shelter occupation.

Three shelters: 10,000 SF
Two shelters: 3,600 SF
Cost: $14,200,000
Date of Completion: 2012
Performance Standard: FEMA 361


unabridged Architecture, Architect
Compton Engineering, Civil + Project Management
Baldauf-Herrin, Structural
Nash, Lipsey, Burch, M/E/P