ecotech park

master planning

The Hancock County Port & Harbor Commission Master Plan had three goals: use spatial analysis to identify the lowest-impact expansion sites at the Port and Airport, establish resilient design guidelines for site and building development, and illustrate a new vision for high-performance industrial parks. The Client is currently using the master plan to recruit tenants who are developing innovative aerospace, marine systems, and information technologies.

Consumers are demanding more sustainably sourced and processed products and corporate social responsibility efforts are increasing. However, little attention has been paid to design within the industrial zones where products are manufactured, even though they occupy large tracts which often include environmentally sensitive lands. Construction within these zones can impact ecosystems, climate, and human health. Restoring the ecology of industrial zones establishes the conditions necessary for intensification of industrial development; this master plan expands the developable area within strict environmental limits.

New structures are characterized by low-embodied carbon materials, energy and water efficiency, and direct connections to daylighting, views, and landscape. The project’s success will position these industrial parks as a high-tech powerhouse with innovative standards, progressive values, and the capacity to meet high building-performance standards.

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