Urban wayfinding systems integrate human experience and the landscape, guiding people through the physical environment and enhancing their connection to a place. Even in an era of ubiquitous GPS navigation, wayfinding is essential to aid navigation in a complex area.

The Port and Harbor Commission needed to improve wayfinding and establish a consistent standard for navigation and destination signage as well as building identification. The integrated system creates a brand that reinforces the innovative technologies being developed at Port Bienville and Stennis International Airport.

The first phase of the Scenic Byways designed a county-wide wayfinding plan, with logos and consistent graphics, for 75 Wayfinding signs, 6 new historic markers, guide signs, and interpretive signs.

The wayfinding and identity design that has become the most beloved in our portfolio is the iconic Bay St Louis streetlight. It has been reproduced in paintings, on T-shirts, and in countless photographs.

building identification
directional signage
facility + district signage
waterway signage
interpretive signage
historic markers