blueway trails


Developing blueways along scenic waterways is important to maintaining the coastal habitat and enhancing nature-based tourism. uA worked with the Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area to create a cohesive program for wayfinding, signage, construction, and stewardship along blueways that encourages adventurers to explore blueway trails throughout South Mississippi. The project described the steps for planning, implementation, and maintenance of blueway trails, descriptions of trail types, and designs for amenities. The design team facilitated a consensus between local communities regarding blueway identity and standards.

uA has also designed blueway launches, accessible launches, trails, bridges, and interpretive signage at Possum Walk, Bogue Homa, and throughout the Hancock County Scenic Byways.

unabridged Architecture, Architecture + Graphic Design
Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain, Land Management
Completed 2018