fire house no. 1


Fire House No. 1 is constructed to FEMA 361 standards for 250+ mph wind speeds and debris impact protection to maintain operations and save lives during and after future storms. Although it functions as a “bunker” it maintains the character of a downtown civic building. The building meets Continuity-of-Operations requirements with features including a potable water cistern, rainwater harvesting to fill trucks, emergency power generator, and an energy-efficient ground source heat pump system. It was described by critic Karrie Jacobs: “It’s a gorgeous space, an art gallery for trucks,” in Architect magazine, July 2013.

Completion 2010
Program: 13,200 SF
Cost: $4,750,000
Performance Standard: FEMA 361


unabridged Architecture, Architect
Baldauf-Herrin, Structural
James Chiniche, Civil
Nash, Lipsey, Burch, M/E/P