Shaw homestead

adaptive re-use

The stories that old buildings tell are nothing less than the story of human culture, the lives of our ancestors illustrated in stone and wood. Nowhere is this more evident than in the houses built by the families that lived there, especially in rural parts of America. In the south, the dogtrot house was a widely used vernacular, with the porch between bedroom and living room creating a breezeway that funneled air through and cooled hot and humid temperatures in the summertime – the perfect place for a sleeping dog and a rocking chair.

The Shaw Cabin was a project with the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain, whose mission is to conserve open spaces and green places in perpetuity. The Shaw Cabin acts as a living history museum. Part of our responsibility was to share the restoration, rehabilitation, and reconstruction with visitors through exhibits and before/after photographs.

Completed 2018
Program: Dogtrot Cabin, Kitchen, Corn Crib, Smokehouse, Jar House, Tractor Shed
Cost: $115,800
Project Team:
unabridged Architecture, Architect