NASA Building 1200

adaptive re-use

Historic documentation included a sitewide Historic Resources Survey to determine eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. Twenty of the buildings surveyed were deemed integral to telling the story of how Stennis Space Center operated and its important role in rocket propulsion testing for more than five decades. The Historic Resources Survey helps the site prepare to support future missions to Mars, the Moon, and farther into space over the next fifty years.

The Central Control Building, one of the first completed structures at the Mississippi Test Operations facility in 1965, included Level II documentation for the Historic American Buildings Survey. The iconic tower was designed under the direction of Dr Wernher von Braun to house engineers and guests during rocket tests. The modern detailing of the cantilevered observation tower was challenging as the building was required to resist acoustic overpressure from blasts.

Completed 2020
Project Team:
unabridged Architecture, Architect
Jim Osborne IV, Large-Format Photography