A Declaration on Climate Adaptation


Climate is the force which most directly shapes architecture but we are reckoning with a destabilized climate system, altered by mankind through epoch-shattering consumption. We acknowledge a future marked by more frequent and more severe events; the current built environment will fail to shelter occupants and protect investments. Architects participate in creating the built environment but we need to create a future that is more resilient, more just, and more sustainable. unabridged promotes adaptation to the future through the following principles:

We adapt by assessing hazards and designing to mitigate risk and consequence.

We adapt by avoiding sites of future inundation or elevating above foreseeable floods.

We adapt by creating multiple lines of defence within the landscape and at the building edge.

We adapt by armouring critical facilities to the highest level of protection.

We adapt by designing for an extended service life for new buildings and the reuse of existing buildings.

We adapt by choosing materials to combat environmental conditions.

We adapt by considering embodied and operational carbon in our buildings.

We adapt by restoring the complex ecosystems that can better accommodate disturbance.

We adapt by creating beloved places that serve the community.

Our projects inspire a deeper look at architecture and the forces that shape the built environment. We seek to discover the uniqueness inherent in each place and amplify it. Our projects cross boundaries: building and landscape, site and community, vernacular and modern. How can we help you adapt to the future?

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